Management Team

  • Duncan Andrews – Stage management
  • Mark Budgell – Concert management
  • Cintia Cristia – Pre-concert chat, Program notes
  • Jennifer Gawley – Front of house
  • Laurie Hamilton – Human resources
  • Eva Krangle – Outreach, Fundraising
  • Bill Krangle – Concert production, Promotion
  • Rafael Luz – Music director
  • Tom Mitchell – Finance
  • Chris Wong – Charitable gaming
  • Marion Wilk – Library
  • Roland Wilk – General manager, Website
  • Anita Zafrani – Concerto competition

NYCO Volunteer Team

We greatly appreciate the time and dedication our volunteers offer, and recognize the importance of their contributions.

Jill Hakes Paula Mitchell
Barbara Newman Frank Samuels

Our Volunteer Team helps with:

  • Fundraising
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Concert Production
  • Concert Recording
  • Program Notes
  • Front of House
  • Orchestra administration

If you would like to contribute to our orchestra by joining our Volunteer Team, please speak with our Front-of-House co-ordinator at a concert or contact us here (select the “Join our volunteers” subject).