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Understanding Intonation
Find out the difference between just intonation and equal temperament and why your electronic tuner is only a guide. Walk through the maths in this article by Roland Wilk. The app Tonal Energy (iOS and Android) includes a tuner and incorporates these concepts by allowing you to set the tuner to equal temperament (the way our instruments are tuned, like a piano) or to just temperament (the way we should sound). Note that for just temperament you must also set the key as the correct pitch for each note depends on the key.

Some useful articles
Being an orchestral musician means being a team player. Get some helpful tips on orchestral etiquette from this extract from an article by Jeanne Baxtresser (principal flutist with the New York Philharmonic): “Becoming a Team Player

Have you ever wondered why the progress you make in the practice room seems to disappear overnight? There might be a more effective way to practise according to this article by performance psychologist Dr Noa Kageyama and Canadian clarinettist Dr Christine Carter.

Is playing an instrument good for you? Anita Collins describes how playing an instrument benefits your brain in this TED Ed video.

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